Christmas Countdown Day Ten! Christmas Traditions

20 December 2013
FIVE DAYS!!! FIVE DAYS!!! Yup, I'm getting far to excited for Christmas! And yes I know I'm 30 years old and not 5. I have always loved Christmas and I always will. Today, I thought I could talk about Christmas traditions because most of us have them, at least a couple. As I don't have my own family yet, I get to do all the lovely traditions I have done since I was child every year. I will probably still have some of these traditions when I have my own family too. 

My favorite tradition is our family gathering on Christmas Eve. All of my mom's side of the family comes over for a potluck and it is amazing. I have to say it is my favorite meal of the year. We normally get together mid-afternoon have some drinks, chatter and then gorge ourselves with delicious food. Seafood casserole, meatballs, ham, chicken, salads, potatoes, rolls and desserts! Then, everyone goes their separate ways to other families, church or just home. Normally, after we get everything cleaned up it is time for another tradition of going for a lights drive. It is used to get all of us but now it is just me, Erica and Chase. Mom stays home to make her pies for Christmas day. After that it is time to open one gift. The rest we open in the morning. I love Christmas eve almost as much as I love Christmas Day.

Christmas day is always the same too, up to open presents well stockings first then presents! Then of course breakfast/lunch followed by naps! These once were basically just for mom and dad but now we all love them haha Christmas dinner is spent with my great uncle Jerry from my dad's side of the family. It used to be my grandparents too but sadly both are no longer with us. This dinner is of course turkey and all the trimmings. My momma is one amazing cook and thankfully for her this daughter is a great cleaner. After I eat such a big meal I can't just sit so I normally clean up with some help from Erica and Chase.

Oh, how I can't wait until next week! What are some of your family traditions? Love hearing how everyone enjoys the holidays.

See you on Monday for Day 11!


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