Christmas Countdown Day Two!

10 December 2013
Welcome to Christmas Countdown Day 2! I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Must Haves yesterday. Today, I thought I would have a bit of a Gift Guide for Her! Tomorrow, I will be having a Gift Guide for him too. Don't worry boys I haven't left you out! 

Everyone loves getting presents and many of us like buying pretty things for our friends and family. But sometimes you just don't know what to buy! I have compiled a little list of Gifts of her for you to maybe get idea or two! Enjoy!

Gifts for Her...

  • A Fragrance - most girls love smelling good so getting a nice new perfume/body spray for Christmas is never a bad gift. This is going to sound a bit weird but try and get a smell of said gal you're buying for and try to go for something along the scent as you smelled. If she is smelling musky (odd word for this) don't get her a super fruity scent and vice versa! You could also make it even easier on yourself and just ask her what perfumes she likes!
  • Handbag - Again most woman love a good handbag. They don't have to be expensive either! Now maybe you're thinking the woman I'm buying for has enough handbags! Well my friend that just isn't true but maybe go for a clutch or wristlet! Maybe your lady isn't even a handbag kind of girl so maybe a gym bag is more up her alley! Maybe you have a trip planned for the new year and her luggage needs an upgrade. There is many types of bags so go and find her the perfect one!
  • Bath Products - Like I said before us gals like smelling good so nice smelling bath products are always a nice surprise as a gift/stocking stuffer. You have bubble bath, bath bombs, oils, melts etc to choose from. My favorite places to get bath products are Lush, Body Shop and Bath and Body Works. If your girl isn't a lay down in the tub and have a nice soak kind of girl you can still pick her up some shower gel, soap or face masks from Lush or Body Shop!
  • Gift Cards to places like MAC or Sephora - If you have make up addict in your family or circle of friends it is never a bad idea to pick up a gift card to place like MAC or Sephora. Sometimes MAC can be a scary place for those not fluent in make up! So in and out with the perfect gift of a gift card is always a good plan.
  • Candles - There might be a theme of good smelling things here! But again who doesn't love good smelling stuff? Exactly no one! Also, you can get candles just about anywhere! I won't lie my favorite candles are from Bath and Body Works. I love all the scents and I love that they really fill the room. My non Christmas favorite scent is London Calling which smells like tea and honey. Love!
  • Phone Case - Everyone loves having a nice/fun phone case!
  • Jewelry - we ladies love our jewelry! A nice necklace, a beautiful bangle, a radiant ring, elegant earrings! We love it all! Just make sure it doesn't turn our skin green!

Also, a cute shirt is never a no no, now you won't get this one before Christmas but I know most of ladies would love getting a little gem from Whitney as a late Christmas gift too! (Click below for her blog).

There you have it some nice ideas for gifts for her, even just some stocking stuffers :) I hope you enjoyed day two of the Christmas Countdown and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for day threeeeeeee!!


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  1. You're too good to me! :) Thank you for the shout out, Britt!

    Also, side note, I ALWAYS ask for perfume for Christmas. It's one of the girly things in life I can never convince myself to pay for. haha!


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