Christmas Countdown Day One!

09 December 2013
This year I was trying to think of something I could do leading up to Christmas for the blog. There is Vlogmas for the YouTubers and some blogger blog everyday until Christmas but I didn't want to put that kind of pressure on myself because I knew I wasn't going to be able to do that because it is the season for being super busy. So, here we are with the Countdown to Christmas! I will be blogging Monday to Friday until Christmas! I might even try and throw in a couple of weekend posts but I'm not promising anything. I hope everyone likes this, maybe gets some ideas from it! But, on with the show folks! Enjoy Day One of the Christmas Countdown!

There are a few things I think are must haves for the Christmas season. Of course, some are obvious ones like family, friends etc but I'm talking more like actually things. Last year, I did a post similar to this as a guest blog. Since I have more followers now and I don't know who read that guest blog (I hope you did) I thought I would give you my list again of my Christmas must haves!

Fresh Balsam Candle from Bath and Body Works! Hands down the best Christmas candle you're going to find because it actually smells like a Christmas tree! I often find when trying to find the perfect smelling Christmas candle that they often smell like pine sol or just have more of a cleaner smell then a Christmas tree. When I found this one I think I thanked the candle gods because this has been a staple in my Christmas candle collection for a few years now. If you're looking for that perfect candle and you haven't checked this one out yet you should because you're missing out! Also, the pine one from Target isn't too bad either.

Starbucks' Red Cups are just so darn Christmasy! I don't have a Starbucks in my town so I can't get it whenever I want! I still make many trip to Starbucks though because I'm in Halifax on a semi regular basis but at Christmas I love going and grabbing a nice red cupped vanilla latte after shopping and just relaxing with it. I did exactly that last weekend, had my latte and put up feet up at the hotel. Love it!

What are better than Christmas treats? Exactly you cannot think of anything either! Everything is just better when you add Christmas to it. Cookies, peanut butter balls, gingerbread etc are all better at Christmas time. One of my favorites are my mom's sugar cookies which I'm happy to say have become one of the cookies I can do really well. Yum in the tum! What are some of your favorite treats at Christmas? The ones that only get made around this maybe?

Christmas music is something I would listen to all year round if people wouldn't think I was crazy! I have been known to put my iPod on shuttle and not skip over the Christmas ones when they come around. I have to say I do start listening to Christmas in September when I start making my Christmas crafts, it is just easier to get in the mood when you have some carols playing in the background. Once November hits I let the cat of the bag that I'm all over the Christmas tunes. Christmas music instantly puts me in a better mood. What is your favorite Christmas album?

CHRISTMAS MOVIES! Yes, who doesn't love a good Christmas movie? Curling up with some Christmas snacks, a cozy blanket and watching a Christmas movie has to be one of the best things about Christmas and bonus if it is snowing! I'm actually hoping it snows at some point this week so I can have a nice evening like that. I love most Christmas movies, I love the classics like Frosty the Snowman up to the more current Christmas with the Kranks. I have watched Christmas with the Kranks probably too many times already this season but I love it so whatever! What your top picks for Christmas movies?

Well, that is it for day one of the countdown to Christmas! I hope to see you back here tomorrow for day two! A Gift Guide for Her! Thanks dropping by!

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