Christmas Countdown Day Five: Christmas Music!

13 December 2013

We all know much I love Christmas music so it is no surprise I can list far too many of my favorite Christmas songs. Christmas music as soon as I hear it puts in a good mood. It doesn't matter what song or even what time of year (shuffle on the iPod in July brings many different genres up!). It is feel good stuff because it remind us of all the good memories we have had over the years at Christmas. As it is #backthatazzup Friday I'm starting the list with the Sleigh Ride by TLC!

Another favorite is of course Micheal Buble....

No Christmas music is complete without some Elvis...

And some Dolly And Kenny

And it is never bad to add in some new stuff too....

Hope you all have some festive plans for the weekend! Happy Friday and see you on Monday for Day Six!


  1. I'm a big fan of Michael Buble's Christmas music. His voice is just so.. dreamy ;)

  2. I won't lie, I love Dolly!!! ...and TLC!


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