Christmas Countdown: Day Three Gift Guide for Him!

11 December 2013
Welcome to day three of the Christmas Countdown! As yesterday was the gift guide for the ladies and today it is for the men! Everyone says men are easier to shop for but honestly I think shopping for either can be rather difficult! So, I think the men in your life could be just as tricky to shop for! Here is a list of gift ideas I think make shopping for him a little easier.

Gifts for Him....

  • Wallet - many men won't spring for a nice wallet but wouldn't mind having one. It doesn't have to be the most expensive one to be a nice one either. Also, keep in mind the style of the man you are shopping for don't go for a flashy wallet if you're shopping for a low key guy. 
  • Face/skin care - some men just don't know what to buy for their face and skin care so why not help them out and pick up easy products for them. Maybe just some face wash and a lotion to start, then maybe work them into a few nicer things in the future.
  • Tickets to a Sporting Event - this can be anything from a local sports team to a Pro Sports game. Any sports guy would love this! 
  • Headphones - this is tech-y but most people like having nice headphones. Getting headphones can be tricky because some guys prefer earbuds and some like the massive everyone knows you have your headphones on set. But for the most part they are a sure fire pleaser! 
  • Shaving Kit - most guys have to shave at some point or at least clean up their beards so why not give them a nice shaving kit to maybe even promote shaving more. 
  • Watch - again this is an item most guys want but don't really want to shell out the cash for it. You can also get a pretty nice watch for a decent price too. I even saw some really nice brand name ones at Winners for a freakin' steal earlier in the fall. Sadly, none of the men in my life need a watch right now.
  • Phone case - both men and women love a good/fun phone case.
  • Fragrance - Yes, boys need to smell nice too. If your guy doesn't really have a scent go and find him one. There are some really nice ones right now. I was at Sephora last weekend and I smelled one from Versace and holy moses all guys need to smell like it. 
Well, my loves there you have it! My gift guide for him! Hope to see you back here tomorrow for Day Four of my Christmas Countdown!



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