Christmas Countdown Day 11! Memories

23 December 2013
TWO DAYS! I'm so excited for Christmas. I have everything done and I'm ready for everything. Today, I thought I would share some of my favorite holiday memories. 

I have so many amazing memories from past holidays I don't even know where to start. My parents always have made Christmas a special time, I can't remember a Christmas that was not amazing. You know some our traditions from my Friday post and those traditions have made for some amazing memories. 

One of my favorite memories is when myself and my siblings would all sleep in my room and this was not even that many years ago. We would all cozy up in my room and watch a Christmas and fall asleep. It was fun to all wake up together on Christmas day.

I also love the memories from when I was kid and we had to wait until mom and dad went downstairs got the Christmas lights on and Dad got the video camera going. We waited at the top of the stairs until we got the go ahead to come down and Chase when he was little would always bolt down and be so excited. Sometimes, I wish I could be a kid again just for those moments.

Another Christmas memory is from Boxing Day when we would all go to our grandparents house for dinner with my dad's side of the family. We would get to bring one or two of our new toys to bring with us (until we were too old for toys). We always had a kids' table too! I think on my dad's side we will always have a kids' table. My cousin Lauren who is the oldest on my dad's side joked she would be 40 and still at the kids' table. Though she was joking I don't think she is going to be wrong. 

I love all the memories and old stories that come up at Christmas time. It makes you remember what Christmas is all about, the time spent with your family and friends. It is the memories made not the presents your tree. What are your favorite Christmas memories?

I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! YAY!!

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