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05 November 2012

Happy Monday everyone! I know happy and Monday don't belong in the same sentence but you gotta try right! I took a couple day off from the blog world because I didn't feel like writing but I'm back and everything is all good! Just needed a couple of mental health days. 

Before I get into my Pinterest Project for this week I have to tell you about my weekend well my Saturday because Sunday was boring! For the past 3 years I always head to Halifax for the day with my sister to meet up with some of my friends so we can go to Christmas at the Forum (local Christmas craft fair), this year was no different! We always have fun at the craft fair and this year we were meeting up with our friend's mom because Deena had sent us over some presents from England and her momma was going to give them too us. Linda text us saying she would be there soon so we decided where to meet her and went to wait. We met up with couple of other friends and just stood around chatting for a bit when I hear a squeal from Danielle and I turn to see her hugging someone! Then I realize Gavin (Deena's hubby) was there and of course Danielle is hugging Deena!! They totally surprised us! We thought they might be home in December but could have gone either way! Made for such a good day even though we didn't get to spend much time with them because they were going around surprising everyone since only Deena's mother knew they were coming home! Best surprise ever! Can't wait to see them again next week! Love you guys xoxo

Okay onto my pinterest project for the week! I decided to make my Christmas tags today since I have been looking at a bunch on Pinterest. I still have a few more to do but here is what I completed today!

This is the back side of the tag, I embossed them and then just ran some white over them. I also plan on doing some more coloring to the stamped images on the tag but I could not find my colored pencils and that is what I want to use for coloring them as I found the markers a bit dark for what I wanted. I'm hoping to work on some bows tomorrow :)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. beautiful tags! Sounds like a good weekend!

  2. SO cute!! I love these! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Those are awesome!!


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