Hey That's Pintastic!

26 November 2012
Oh hello everyone! Monday again and no real pinterest project (i did pin these sugar cookies after I made them!)! I even made super cute gift card holders for this week and I gave them away without taking any pictures! But fear not I did bake last week and I took a quick iPhone picture of them before they went off to the church with my gift card holders.

My mom asked me to bake for her because she was decorating and making chowder for the church's soup and pie night. I said sure because I knew she was busy with so many things! I decided to tackle my mom's sugar cookies because she said they were easy! We all know how much I love that word when it comes to baking and cooking! Even though it looked easy these are the cookies that my mom makes every year because everyone loves them so much so I was still kinda worried I would mess them up or they just wouldn't be quite as good as hers. Luckily they turned out amazing and they really are one of the easiest cookies I have ever made! 

They were so yummy! I actually had to make more the next day because we didn't have enough for the church because everyone kept eating them! Nice cup of tea and these cookies YUM! Now I want some! Maybe I will have to make some more this week!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Can't believe it is almost December!


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