Just Rambling Monday

19 November 2012
Why Hello My Lovelies! I wanted to have a nice Pinterest post for you today but sadly that isn't going happen because I don't have my camera cord and well the pictures don't magical transfer themselves over. Life has been busy all weekend with baby showers, errands and our cabinets being painted! Really makes for you not being able to get much done when you have your whole kitchen emptied out into different rooms! Also, it is of course taking longer which isn't good because we have to have everything back in its place by the end of week because we are having a party for my cousin who got married in Hawaii. Such a pain when you need to get things done!

Today I registered for Crop and Create Moncton in March. I'm super excited for it because it is a full weekend of scrapbooking with awesome classes! We signed up for Kelly Purkey's class and I'm so excited for that because Kelly is one of my favorite designers! It will be so amazing to take by her and just really get to see her action!

I wanted to do a better post today but my brain just isn't working for me so I will leave you with a super funny video! I can't believe this dog!

Also thanks to Whitney for getting me onto this lovely show LOL

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