It's Okay Thursday

15 November 2012

It's Okay....

-that I'm totally obsessed with Property Brothers! I love these men! I would marry Jonathan!
-that I'm going to watch a lot of curling  this weekend! Thankfully I still have my curling since the NHL is being a bunch of babies!
-that I haven't watched the new Criminal Mind's from this week yet!
-that I was going to decorate today but I was lazy instead.
-that I showered today and got back into sweatpants
-that I want to bake but I can't because we are having our cabinets painted and we don't have the oven hooked up!
-that I'm watching Property Brothers again! LOL

Happy Thursday! xo


  1. Why is Property Brothers such an addicting show? The end reveals are always sooooo good.

    1. So addicting!! I watch it way too much! But I can't stop! I want them to come and find a house for me and reno it!


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