Tunes Tuesday!

20 November 2012
Since I have been listening to Christmas for awhile now I have decided to post some of my favorite Christmas song! So between now and Christmas I will be posting a couple of songs a fews that I love to listen to over the Christmas season :) This week we have some newer ones so lets get to them

As we all know I love me some Backstreet Boys and I LOVE Christmas so I was very excited when the boys finally put out another Christmas song! I was hoping for maybe a few more songs but this will do :)

Yeah I know but I really do love this song actually and I blame Danielle for that!

This one because who doesn't love Blake Shelton and Michael Buble!!

Happy Listening! 


  1. I honestly don't know if I've heard any BSB Christmas music. I have the NSync CD lol I just listen to the radio that has been playing christmas music for a week now lol

    1. They only have two Christmas singles and only one single up until this year. I enjoy the NSync Christmas album too

  2. Yea for Christmas music! Makes me so happy inside!

    Happy Holidays!



    1. Christmas music = instant mood brightener!


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