So What Wednesday!

28 November 2012

This week I'm linking up with Shannon again because I haven't in long time and why not! So this week I'm saying So What....

  • that i don't have more christmas shopping done yet it isn't even December yet but normally I do have more done by now!
  • that I love Demi Lovato but I don't really like her on the X Factor
  • that I love listening to Blake Shelton's Christmas album on repeat this holiday season
  • that I saw Carter Oosterhouse on TV yesterday and stopped what I was doing to watch him (and remembered why I loved him so much!) That man is sooooo good looking. 
  • that I still spend far too much time on Pinterest! 
  • that I cannot wait until Christmas! 
Hope everyone is having a great week :) xo


  1. I have been back on my Pinterest addiction lately.....its so terrible!

    1. I thought I was getting mine under control! I didn't! lol

  2. definitely with ya on the Pinterest thing, way too much time spent on that website. and I also cannot wait for Christmas!

    1. It is really the Christmas Pinteresting that is really too much right now LOL

  3. I love Britney, but she's so lame on X-Factor! So annoying!

    And you've been given a Liebster Award Nomination - check out my blog!

    1. So lame on X Factor! And I love Britney! haha

      Oh my gosh thanks so much hun! xo


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