14 March 2012

What A Blog Wednesday!

This week we are going to look at one of my favorite newish blogs! I have been reading her blog since probably September I think and it is Pink Lou Lou’s blog Confessions of a 20 Something! This is the place to find hair and make up tricks, any and everything to do with Carrie Underwood, adorable Pug pictures and a bunch of stuff in between.

I stumbled upon Pink Lou Lou’s blog by clicking a link on another person’s blog I wasn’t really feeling so I was quite excited when this super fun blog popped up and I was in blog love from first click! If you’re looking for a super cute girly blog this is the one for you! Like I have said you can find a bit of everything on her site! From fashion to music to some food to what to bring to the beach! Okay, lets go and see what Pink Lou Lou is all about now!

Click this link and check her out! Confessions of a 20 Something!

Sorry this is just a shorter but today has been a killer and it is time for bed!


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