12 March 2012
I hate springing ahead! But only in the morning! This morning when my alarm went off I wanted to cry and throw it out the window! I get up at 5:30am so it felt like 4:30am!! You should not be able at this time unless you have stayed up all night! However I do love how long we have the daylight now into the evening but lordy I can't wait until like Wednesday when I'm used to this damn change! Right now it is 10:30 but feels like 9:30! I'm almost dead anyways because I'm so sleepy today! Should go to bed now because I'm probably not even making sense! Just once more I hate springing ahead!

Vent ended! See ya on Wednesday for what a blog! I would post tomorrow but I will be in the city and not sure when I will be home! Shopping day tomorrow!


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