25 March 2012

Lazy Sunday Movie Review

This week I’m doing a movie many of us have seen before but love no matter how many times we have seen it and that movie is Dirty Dancing! I honestly could probably watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life and still love it just as much as the first time I watched it.

Unless you have been living under a rock or are under the age of 20 you have probably seen or at least heard of Dirty Dancing. It is the story of a young girl Frances aka Baby who goes to a holiday camp with her family for the summer and falls in love with the dancing instructor Johnny Castle. There are of course ups and down in their love story since Johnny is not from the right side of town but Baby doesn’t care. The movie makes me swoon over Patrick Swayze every time, he plays Johnny Castle perfectly the attractive misunderstood man who just wants a good life for himself. We all know Patrick Swayze was a Hollywood star and we sadly lost him in 2009 to cancer. Jennifer Grey plays Baby and it is her break out role! She had some work done to nose in later years and many people could not even recognize her! She went to play in many different roles including Mindy on Friends and even won the Mirror ball on Dancing with the Stars with Derek Hough. In the end this is a movie about a girl who has a heart of gold and ends up falling for the boy from the wrong side town but he has that same heart of gold.

This movie is a sweet girly movie, something that is perfect for a Sunday afternoon lazing on your couch, with junk food and nice glass of wine J

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