28 March 2012

What a Blog Wednesday!

This week I have decided to feature a blog called Only Slightly Neurotic. Kayla Aimee runs this blog and I have been reading her blog for a long time now and she has one of the best blogs for sure! I mean why else would I be telling you about it if it wasn’t!?

I feel like I have gone through many ups and downs with Kayla because of her blog and her how candid she can be when she is writing. I normally went to Kayla’s blog for a laugh or to see what she was scrapbooking. I then got to read about her love story with her husband Jeff; they have a great story together. Then Kayla was pregnant which was great! We knew they were trying. She had the cutest little belly! Her readers were then asked to send prayers her way because her baby girl was born much too earlier. Scarlette was in the hospital for a very long time and had many things wrong with her. I cried when Kayla would post that Scarlette wasn’t having a good day and I would rejoice when she hit even the littlest milestones. Thanks to many Doctors, Nurses, her mommy and daddy that little girl is a much healthier 16-month. One of the cutest I would say! I adore Kayla’s blog! I really think she is great because you can relate to her; she is a normal mom who makes mistakes, knows that is okay and moves on from it. If you want to read something funny and relatable I would check out Only Slightly Neurotic!

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