04 March 2012

I’m back and I’m sorry for my long absence! February was a very busy month of me and to top it off I had the flu for the last week of it basically! Yes, I will spare you the details of my illness because really I don’t want to relive them! So we will just say fresh start in March J

The first recipe on Pinterest I ever saw was for S’more cookies! They looked insanely delicious but I was not into my baking/cooking groove so I was not even interested in attempting them because at that point I could not do things in the kitchen. I bugged Erica to make them for a while but that never happened so finally once I got some confidence in the kitchen I decided I could make these cookies myself! And I did it! These are amazing cookies! They are not something you want to eat a million of though because they are quite rich but man they are good! They are pretty easy too! As you can see they look delish and honestly they are one of the best cookies I have ever eaten! They are gooey and chocolaty and crunchy! Everyone that had some loved them! Really you should try them if you have company coming or just need some good cookies in the house J

I also made Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast cake, which was delicious, and a perfect quick breakfast! This recipe gave me a little trouble but only because I didn’t pay close enough attention to the directions so we are going to leave it at that and move on! No need to dwell on my mistakes! I recommend this recipe if you’re having a breakfast or brunch with the family or friends. It is a light cake so nothing heavy in your tummy and it is really fresh because of the lemon in it. A very tasty breakfast cake indeed!

And now I leave you until next time, which will probably be tomorrow because I have another post in the works already J


  1. Ooooo I LOVE the sound of this breakfast cake, Britt! I will make it so I getting up early for work won't seem so bad ;) xo

  2. You will love it Jenny C! Makes getting up easier because you get to have cake! xo


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