18 March 2012

Lazy Sunday Movie Review

Sundays are the days where you don’t want to do anything really and you most definitely do not want to end because then it is Monday and honestly who really like Mondays! One of my favorite pastimes on a Sunday is watching movies whether it be sitting in front of my television at home or going out to the theatre getting some yummy popcorn and sitting in a darken room for 2 hours. Movies can make us cry, smile, laugh, and so many other things but my favorite is when they take you to another time and you get so involved you forget your reality and just let the movie take you along for the ride.

On Thursday, I finally got to see the Artist and this movie is one that takes you away! Silent films are not for everyone and I understand that because I was not sure about this one myself but since the buzz around it was so huge I decided I should give it a chance. I’m so pleased that I did get to see it! It is a wonderful movie and I have to say I did not even miss the spoken dialogue! You always knew exactly what was going on from the facial expression and body language of the actors. Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo were fantastic as the two lead roles in this film. They had the chemistry they needed to pull off these rolls because they were not speaking they needed to have that physical connection with each other and the audience. The storyline details the ups and downs of a silent movie actor who is becoming old news in the industry because it is time for the movies to have voices. The movie houses are trying to keep up with the times and George Valentin wants to be an artist. The movie was over before I wanted it to be but I think that just speaks to the movie and how good it was. I do not think everyone will enjoy this movie but if you like something a little different I believe this could be the movie for you. It is a delight to watch, you will feel happy, sad, anger and just fall in love with George Valentin and Peppy Miller.

PS Uggie steals all the scenes he is in J Love that dog!

4.5 stars out of 5 for me!

Hope you’re all having a lovely lazy Sunday!

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