07 March 2012
What a blog Wednesday! 

 I have decided that each Wednesday I will be featuring one of my favorite blogs in a post called what a blog Wednesday (i'm sure you guessed that already)! For my first week I decided on my good friend Jennifer's blog oh my owls! Jennifer's blog is much like mine in the fact we post about food, crafts and the things that interest us. Jennifer also has a small addiction to pinterest so she had a lot of great crafts and food ideas for you. My favorite post she has done so far is her burlap wreath and as soon as I get myself some burlap I will be making myself one! It is super nice and goes well with almost any wall color and you can add whatever other decoration you like to it!  Jennifer has a thing for owls if you haven't guessed that from her blog name! I'm starting to think her house is full of owl decor! All of it being totally adorable by the way! Jennifer is a sweet, funny girl and her blog is great! I may be a tad bias as she is a friend but I'm sure you will like it too! I mean come on look how adorable she is! How could you not love her!?

Click here to go to Oh My Owls!

 I have one warning for you Jennifer makes cupcakes and then posts pictures of them! You will then be hungry and want a cupcake! Don't say I didn't warn you when this happens! 

 Please now go and visit Jennifer over at her blog Oh My Owls

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