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29 October 2013
*Note I wrote this yesterday but didn't get to upload it!

Monday again folks and it is a special Monday because it is my birthday!! And not just any birthday my 30th birthday! That is like a double whammy right there! I have been celebrating my birthday since Thursday though and will continue until next Sunday! haha 

On Thursday, I headed up to Halifax with Erica for the weekend because she had a school conference on Friday so why not make a weekend out of it. On the drive there we decided we were going to have a late dinner at il Mercato with Chase. It was a great dinner with my lovely siblings. We always have a great time when we are all together. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to just hang out and we ended up watching Border Security which is so funny! These people are so dumb to think oh yes I have weed/drugs in my luggage and they will totally let me into Canada! Some of them cry and everything thinking that will help! Couple of the agents are mighty fine too! After a bit Chase went home and it was time for sleeping!

Friday morning Erica was up and gone pretty early for her conference. I actually got up while she was getting ready (damn internal clock) but I laid around until 10am before getting ready to head to lunch with Chase. I met up with Chase at Cora's for lunch and it was delicious as always. After lunch Chase headed back home and I did some window shopping around and picked up a Starbucks because it was pretty cold walking around! After Erica's conference was over, we headed to get Chase and we did a little shopping. I got some new eyeliners at Sephora and picked up my birthday present from them! It was They're Real Mascara! I was excited about this because I love this mascara. After shopping a bit we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. For dinner we were meeting my friends Danielle, Tiana, Deena and Gavin, Erica's friend Johnny is also joined us. We had dinner at Baton Rouge, and it was really good! Most of us had never eaten there before and we all really liked it!  After a nice dinner with everyone Erica and myself headed back to the hotel but then we decided to go to the casino! I left with $24.25! Only put in ten!! YAY! After that we went back to the hotel and hit the hay!

Saturday we got up and ready before heading out for breakfast Cora's. Since Erica didn't get to go the day before I said it was okay for us to go again. After a yummy breakfast we picked up my friend Tiana and headed to the malls! We also stopped in to see our friends Matie and TJ. Just a quick catch up with them since they were working haha. We stopped into Jack Astor's for lunch before we moved on to more shopping. The day was basically all shopping and it was a great day spent with Tiana. We have made plans for next week to go to Christmas at the Forum! It will be a great time. After shopping all day we dropped off Tiana and headed back home. It was a great weekend in Halifax. I love getting to see my friends up there and getting to hang out with Chase.

Sunday, I went to a funeral for my cousin's grandpa. It was really sad but he was 92 and lived a good long life. After the funeral, I did some errands with Erica and we went on a pumpkin hunt because it seemed like no one had any pumpkins left! Thankfully, we got 4 good ones at Super Store. A young couple in the store actually asked us where we had found them since they couldn't! Everyone was wanting their pumpkins on Sunday. The redt of the day was super chill and really I didn't do anything!

Today! It is my birthday! We had steak and lobster for my birthday dinner! It was delish! We also of course had some cake! Now, I'm getting ready to go down to my aunt house to visit with her and some other of our family because she is leaving for Calgary on Wednesday morning. 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Hotel Livin'

She spelt it right!!

Some of favorites! Deena, Danielle and Tiana

Flowers from my little siblings

Birthday Cake!

Dinner! Maybe a vodka and coke and wine ;)

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