Princess Tag!

24 October 2013

I was having some trouble figuring out what I wanted to write about today since I don't have a lot of time! I wanted to have something fun and then I saw this tag done by GlamLifeGuru aka Tati and I was bam there is the post for the day!!

Calling all Princesses!!

Share your all time favorite high-end products in each category (If you don't own a luxury item in every category talk about a product you are wanting to try & why you're attracted to it) ; D

- FOUNDATION - I don't have any higher end concealers, I actually only have one and it is Rimmel. I would love to try a Chanel foundation because a lot of the beauty love them! Maybe some day!

- CONCEALER - My favorite is BOING from Benefit! This stuff covers everything! The first time I got it, the rep from Benefit was at Sephora! She was super nice and told me that they have used this concealer to cover tattoos, so some redness or blemish could easily be covered and she was right! I love this stuff! I wish it was cheaper though since it is like $27!

- POWDER - I don't have a high end powder right now but I do like MAC. I like the finish and like how you can use it alone or with other products.

- BRONZER - I love MAC and Smash Box. I love how both are matte so you don't look too sparkly! As you age you shouldn't be wearing that much sparkle on your face!

- BLUSH - I rarely wear blush so I don't own any high end blush but I would love to try Tarte blushes if I ever start wearing them more.

- HIGHLIGHTER - I don't have a high end highlighter either but I would love to try High Beam by Benefit

- EYESHADOW - I love MAC shadows! They are normally highly pigmented and go on nicely. I also love the Naked Palette by Urban Decay! Again very pigmented for good color pay off and they are nice to put on the eyes!

- EYELINER - My favorite is MAC in smolder but I haven't tried that many high end eyeliners. I love how easily MAC liner slide on your lids though. There is never any tugging because the liner is too dry.

- MASCARA - We all know much I love mascaras! My all time forever is Diorshow! Again, we are talking about high end and this is like $30 so I don't buy it all the time but man if I could I would!

- LIP LINER - I normally don't wear lip liner so I don't really have expect for one MAC, so I will go with MAC liners.

- LIPSTICK - I love MAC lipsticks. I find you get great color, good moisture with most of them and a great variety of colors! Also, really like my Bare Minerals lip stick too!

- LIP GLOSS - Lancome, high shine and pretty colors!

- BROW PRODUCT - I was MAC shadow for my brows and I love it! Fills them in perfectly without looking over done.

- MISC... (CANDLE, BATH GOODIE, TOOL ETC) - I really think of one for this category!

- NAIL POLISH - Nope, don't have any high end nail polishs!

I do love high end products and yes sometimes I consider myself a Princess but really I do love my drugstore products too! I tag everyone who wants to do this tag!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving some comments! I love them and make my day a little brighter :)