#backthatazzup Friday with the lovely Whitney!

11 October 2013
I think I might be the only one who isn't rocking out to Miley's new album! But I'm not I have been stuck on Britney! At first I wasn't sure about Work Bitch! I thought oh Britney I think you have lost it but I have been rocking out to it all week now. Took awhile to grow on me but it has! If you need a song to work out to this is it!!

It is a long weekend here for Thanksgiving so I'm planning on posting on Monday but I can't make promises! Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadians!



  1. I am so jealous it's already Thanksgiving for you Canadians!! Have lots of noms for me.

  2. Same goes for me... Thanksgiving already- I'm jealous!

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