YouTube: A Slippery Slope...A YouTube Addiction Story

03 October 2013
Yup, I admit it I have a YouTube addiction! I have admitted this before but did the addiction get better? No, if nothing else it got worse! Now, I don't think I could go to sleep without watching certain videos! I have been known to wait up if certain YouTubers say they will have a video up soon! What have I become? I used to the one who hadn't seen that video on YouTube and now I'm the one saying have you seen that video? Now, I have tried to curb my addiction but sadly this just results in me watching way more videos the next day because I didn't watch enough the days before when I try and stop! I guess I could have much worse addictions but I tell this is slippery slope of daily vlogs and beauty videos! Now, if I was a good friend I wouldn't tell you about my favorite YouTubers so you could avoid this addiction but what fun would that be! I'm here to give you my top 10 favorite YouTubers! I could probably go on for days but I will just give you the top ones. So, lets get started...

Fleur is my number one YouTuber! Her vlogs are always great and her main channel beauty videos always make me happy because she loves much of the same stuff I do. She also tells it like it is. She isn't going to tell you something is awesome when it is actually crap. I have to say I think I love her vlogs just as much if not more than her main channel. She is gives you a little peek into her life with her new husband and lovely puppies! If you watch only one video from Fleur go and watch her wedding video! They have a picture perfect day. Fleur and Mike are an amazing couple love watching them :)

Melissa is probably the funniest person on YouTube! I just love her! She gives the best reviews of products! She is the most honest person when it comes to products! If a product is crap she is going to tell you and she is going to tell you why. She always tells you why things don't work for her and maybe why they could could work for you. She is just great to watch! Her Friday Favorites and Possibly Poo are always the best!

Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi is the cutest thing on Youtube! I love her beauty favorites, vlogs, get ready with me just about everything Ingrid films I will watch. She is great style too, I love her clothes! I think I have purchased the most things based on Ingrid's recommendations, it is between her and Zoe I think. They know the best products! Ingrid always doesn't always have high end brands which is always great because you don't always want to splurge on the expensive stuff. Anyways Ingrid is awesome so check her out.

Marcus is probably my favorite male British YouTuber! He is adorable, funny and does great videos. He started doing daily vlog too which are always fun to watch because who doesn't like being nosy into people lives. I think Marcus does some the funniest videos! From videos with other YouTubers to ones on his own he always has great videos up for your viewing pleasure.

Sawyer is an amazing film maker with a super cute dog so why wouldn't you want to watch with videos? Honestly, his Thru My Eyes videos are just amazing. He knows what angles and shot to get for the best look. Hitch his dog is super cute too as you can tell from his picture. Sawyer post short films on his channel also and they are pretty great. He also does great collaba with other YouTubers too! Some of my favorites are the ones him and Marcus did together. Great videos and cool guy!

I think I sound like a broken record now because I love Ali for her honest make up reviews and awesome tutorials! I also love her get ready with me videos. Sometimes I don't want a full tutorial but I want to see the whole look and Get Ready with videos are awesome for that and Alli does some of the best ones. She is also a drugstore and high end product kind of girl so it is nice to get opinions on both end of things. Splurge and Savings :)

Louis is one of my favorite people, I honestly wait for his videos everyday! I always watch him before him before I go to bed because he is like the pep talk kinda guy. He does what he loves and just wants everyone to do the same. I love watching his daily vlogs because he is chill and it is just fun to watch all of his travels and daily shenanigans! Louis is also probably the only guy I don't mind dreads on because I normally don't like them! haha

Isn't sure just the cutest!? Zoe and Ingrid are just too adorable! I have been watching Zoe for awhile now and I love her. She does great videos on beauty, fashion and hair. She also has vlogs and they are always entertaining too! I would love life more if I could get her messy hair look! I think I can't because my hair isn't as thick as her but I would totally would love to be able too. Zoe has issues with anxiety and she talks about it which is great because I think she is very helpful to others with the same issues. Yes, she doesn't share everything but she is very open about her issues. 

I would like to be Nicole mainly because of her hair! Yes, I probably have a girl crush on Nicole because of her hair. Plus, she is beautiful. I love her tutorials, get ready with me, monthly favorites and blogs. She is just super awesome and I love her. Sometimes I find YouTubers can be kind of fake but Nicole makes it feel like she everyone's friend and that makes for great videos. 

How could one not love this face? Jim does super funny videos and great vlogs. I could watch him forever. He also has a twin brother Jon who is cute as button. They are not identical but both good looking men. Jim is engaged to Tanya Burr another YouTubers and they are adorable together! I think they will have an amazing wedding too. I can't think of anymore to say but go and check Jim out!

Happy YouTube watching everyone!


  1. I actually just watched Fleur's wedding video was beautiful!

    I absolutely love Ingrid as well. She just seems so sweet, and her videos are well made without being overdone.

  2. Oh my goodness. I am so glad that I'm not alone in this. I freaking love Jim Chapman. And Ingrid. And Zoe, and Marcus, and Ingrid, and Fleur!

  3. ahh, thanks girl for posting this! I am new to the youtube-ers and kate @thesmallthingsblog is the only one I've really watched lol. I love watching real girls give reviews of makeup for a frugal balance girl ;)

  4. Ooooh I need to check these out.... just what I need in my life another time suck ha! BUuuut I love it!

  5. Yup! You've definitely added more to feed my addiction. I already watch some of checking out the others.


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