Weekend Update!

04 November 2013
Monday again! I have been 30 for a whole week now! I have to say nothing feels different so I have dealt with the big 3-0 pretty well I think. This weekend was also the wrap up of my birthday celebrations! Lets go back to beginning of the weekend though.

On Friday, I just chilled because I wasn't feeling great from getting my flu shot earlier in the week and I was going to Halifax the next day so laying low for the night was a great plan. On Saturday, Erica and myself headed off to Halifax to go to Christmas at the Forum as it has become a bit of a tradition. We did some shopping around the city before heading to the Forum. We meet up with Tiana, Deena and Gavin. We normally have Danielle with us but she was sick :( Stupid cold! We were also missing Meghan and Melissa! Next year, we are all going together girls! Though it is always crazy busy and I rarely buy anything I love going and walking around, which if you knew me and how I normally hate crowds, this would come as a surprise to you. It is like the kick off for the holidays though. You have to love it! After, we toured around the forum and got Tiana's grandma a firefighters' calendar. Yes that kind of calendar haha We all went to dinner at Boston Pizza and had a nice catch up. We didn't leave until 10pm to drive home. But it was a lovely day in the city so it was all worth it.

Sunday, I slept in and loved having an extra hour of sleep because of the time change! Mind you I don't like the time change when it is dark at 5:15pm in the evening! But it is nice in the morning for sure! Anyways, it was time for my birthday lunch with my lovely ladies! We just went to Pizza Delight and had a wonderful visit with each other. Always nice to get out with the girls and just have a good chat with each other. After lunch I ran some errands and then watched some curling! Another reason to love the fall and winter, it is curling season. Hockey and curling are my sports! 

It was great weekend. I have had some great weekends the last two weekends and this weekend coming up is a long weekend and my brother is going to home from school. I hope you all had a great weekend! Must go and check my soup now! Hopefully it turns out and I can tell you all about it! 

Happy Monday Everyone!


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