And time for Weekend Update!

21 October 2013
Happy Monday everyone! It is a beautiful day here the sun is shining so I really have no complaints for this Monday! I hope you all a great weekend I know I did and since this is a weekend update post I should tell you why!

This weekend wasn't a busy one just a nice chill weekend. On Saturday, I did some errands since there was some sales on at Walmart mainly flour for $10. It is basically the best deal on flour right now. Then Erica and myself decided to take the poopies to the beach! It was so nice down there. The tide was going out, the sky was blue and sand was warm!! This was nice because the breeze well really wind wasn't so warm. The water wasn't even that cold. The dogs had a great time. They were so tired for the rest of the day and night! Saturday night myself, Erica and our mom went to see the Right Kind of Wrong, it was a cute movie but nothing great. I want to see Captain Philips next time and I think we might go tomorrow just to go to the movies one last time before Empire Theaters is no longer. I hear it is really good. Also, if you're reading this and are in New Glasgow go to the movies tomorrow! Empire Theatres are donating 50% of the profits from tomorrow night to the Scott Jones Fund. 

Sunday, I did some housework yup that is as boring as it sounds! haha But after I was done I went to visit my best friend Danielle and her little girl Quinn. It was great visiting because we hadn't had a play date in far too long! Though it ended up being more of a date with me and Danielle because Quinn decided she was going to nap most of the time I was there! Totally not her normally but I guess a lazy Sunday can go for a one year too! 

And now it is Monday again! Time flies when you're having fun. I hoping to have a great weekend this coming weekend because I'm going to Halifax! Having a joint birthday dinner with my lovely girls, doing a little shopping and just going to enjoy staying at a hotel! 

Have a great week everyone! I have my post planned for this week so don't worry I have time for you this week! 


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  1. great blog:) I found you through WK link up:) Glad to hear you are from Canada, too:) It sounds like you had a good wknd!


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