Beauty Wednesday Favorite Hair Care

23 October 2013
And yes we are back to Beauty Wednesday! I know I have been doing drugstore products but I don't have many in the hair care area right now. I have a few holy grail products I don't tend to stray from. I'm not saying I don't use lots of drugstore brands but I just really have any I go back a lot. But lets get on with the products because I know that is what you're here for!

Bead Head Superstar - Queen for a Day Thickening Spray - I honestly use this everyday unless I'm sick and don't wash my hair! I have lots of hair but it is fine, so most products I use on my hair have the word thickening or volumizing in the title. I find this really does help make my hair look fuller. This product also smells amazing! Win Win on everything there! This product is around $15-$18 I do believe. I have found it from time to time at my local Winners for $10. 

Big Sexy Hair - Spray and Play Harder - Hairspray - This is one of my favorite hair sprays because it can give you the firm hold you want or a more natural one depending on much you spray. I also don't mind the smell of this hair spray either. I mainly use this for when I have curled my hair because it holds my curls in for the majority of the day. I will use this when I need a little hold too to tame any stubborn hairs but normally I don't use much hair spray unless I have curled my hair. This spray is around $18-$20 but I have only bought it from Winners where I found it for $10.

Big Sexy Hair - Root Pump - Volumizing Mousse - When I want a little more volume then my thickening spray gives I will add in a little of this root boost. I find blowing my hair dry with a round brush and flipping my head over is the best way to get the most of this product. Smells good too! One of the things I love about the Big Sexy Hair products that they smell good! This is also around $18-$20 but again I get it at Winners for $10.

Marc Anthony - Dream Waves - Beach Spray - Sometimes you just don't want to put that much effort into your look and this is a good product for that. Spray in damp hair, scrunch and let dry! I also use this product to add texture to a messy ponytail or curls/waves. 

Fekkai Advanced - Salon Technician Color Care - Shampoo and Conditioner - This is a total splurge I got myself back in the summer when I down in Maine. I didn't even splurge on the full size! I got the travel size and I have been randomly letting myself use it. This is the ONLY expensive shampoo and condtioner my hair likes. Yes, my fine hair really only enjoys CHEAP stuff which is great for me! But I love this stuff so much! Next time I make it down to the states shopping or Ulta finally opens shipping to Canada I will be getting myself full sizes of this! Smells amazing! It is expensive! I spent $10 on each bottle. Full size prices range from $25-$39.

I'm looking for a heat protector so if you have any you love! Leave me a comment so I can check it out! 

Hope you all are liking this series! Next week we are going high end for some splurge items because we all love to splurge sometimes right?


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