Weekend Update!

28 January 2013

Okay I haven't done a link up with Sami in forever so I figured since I had a decent weekend and even took a few pictures I would  do a weekend update! 

The weekend started on Friday with more then enough primping because I was headed to watch some cute boys curl for the evening. I know most of you probably don't even watch curling or even know what it is but it is a hard sport! Lots of strategy for this sport and skill because I know I would hurt myself playing this! I'm sure I would slip and fall on the ice before I could even play! On the bonus side of it all there are some cuties! This weekend Port Hawkesbury (about 90 minutes away from me) was holding an event called the National and some of the biggest teams in curling were going to be there so I got myself some tickets and took off with Erica once she was done at work! We stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner before heading to the Hawk which was delish! I had Thai bites and a salad...thai bites make my life haha. Oh and I had a drink called a Twisted Rocket which tastes like a Rocket popsicle! Amaze! We got the Civic Centre a tad early but it was okay because we got to see a few of the curler wondering around. I should have gone up to some of them but no one else seemed to be doing that and it was before the game so you don't know what mind frame they are in but honestly looking back I should have jumped at the chance to get my picture with John Morris! I think he is the reason why girls that are under the age of 60 are watching curling now. Curling used to be the old person sport but it is really catching on with everyone now especially since the Olympics in Vancouver! Anyways, it was a great night of curling and seeing some of my favorite teams play. The only team I didn't get to see was Team Jacobs which was kinda disappointing but what can you do they played in the draw before the one we were at. I did get to see Team Martin (reigning Olympic Champs), Team Koe and Team Howard which made me a happy girl! Here are some pictures from Friday :)

Almost ready to start!

Nolan Thiessen...lead for Team Koe...I heart him

Ben Hebert...lead for Team Martin...also heart him...I have a thing for Leads

Kevin Martin and Marc Kennedy

Nolan again

Action shot

More action

John Morris...Third for Team Martin....he is so good looking!

Curling: the only sport where you can giggle with the team you're playing against!

I love this sport!

Saturday was a lazy day because we didn't get home from curling until late. It was around 12:30 I think because the event wasn't even over until 11pm, then of course I couldn't get to sleep for another hour or so! So yes, a tad lazy on Saturday but on Saturday night we decided one night of curling in a cold rink wasn't even we decided to head over to the rink here for my cousin's hockey game! Hadn't been to the new rink at the Wellness Centre yet so I figured it was good time to go and check it out. Seems pretty nice, didn't get to see much expect the rink but that is what we were there for! Sadly the boys lost the game 4-3, they tried! I think they outplayed the other team but they just couldn't get the puck to the back of the net. They did beat the same team today 9-3! Should have gone to watch that one instead! Anyways it was fun night! I love watching hockey so I was a happy camper! Bonus, rink not that cold :)

And today was extra lazy! I didn't even really get dressed! Had a shower and put my sweats back on! Hope everyone had a great weekend and you're ready for another week! 

Have any plans already for next weekend??



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