The Facts Of Me!

22 January 2013
Okay so the other day I saw that Whitney was going to do a link up and of course I was going to get in on it so here we are on Tuesday doing the Facts of Me! If you want to check out Whitney's blog (which you really should do) click on the graphic below or check out my side bar. Here is hoping you learn a little bit more about me least that the point of this blog post/link up :)

-I'm named after Rod Stewart's ex wife Britt Eklund and my middle name comes from my aunt and great aunt because we are all Leas, Nancy Lea, Mary Lea and Brittany Lea (and it is pronounced like Lee)

-Christmas is by far my favorite holiday for so many reasons!

-when I was little I was often told I looked like DJ Tanner, I think it is was bad perm! Yes I had a perm when I was in grade 3, they said it would last 3 months, a year and half later we cut the end of it off!

-i still have my nanny's old roller ball perfume and teddy bear from before she passed away. It is going to be 21 years since she has been gone on Feb 14th

-i will forever love the Backstreet Boys, don't judge!

-when going over a bridge near Sackville, NB I ALWAYS count the bumps on the road. If you're talking to me during this time I probably won't answer you. PS there is 18

-I had a huge baby crush on Bryant Gumble when I was a toddler, I think around 2-3. I would get crazy when we watched him on the Today Show.

-My favorite NHL hockey team is the Ottawa Senators but I also love the New York Rangers because of the hottest of some of their players

-I could watch Dirty Dancing everyday and not get stick of it!

-when I was younger I could name almost every figure skater in the world, now I don't even know the Canadian Champs expect for the Mens and Dance Champs.

-I got overly excited when Nolan Thiessen, tweeted back at me, like little school girl excited

-I have a thing for leads in curling...Ben Hebert and Nolan them

-I'm addicted to Dance Moms....I know but I can't help it!

-lush baths are like heaven, I would take one everyday if I could

-i have baby fever until babies cry then I'm happy I don't have one yet!

-fact if someone would pay for me to travel around the world I would be the happiest girl.

-i had a cancer scare back in 2009, I was told I would need chemo before they could remove the tumor which was the size of a grape fruit, turns out it wasn't cancer (YAY) but my ovary tore itself off my fallopian  tube, exploded and just kinda hung out in my body. Doctor said I must be Superwoman because the pain I would have been in when it happened would have been insane! Oddly enough I do remember now when I think it happened and it was almost 10 years before, so I guess I have a high pain tolerance!

-I have a ten inch scar from my belly down from my surgery (good bye scary ovary)

-i have never broken a bone!

-my drink of choice is vodka

-I take a Zantac and two Tums every night so I won't have heartburn (Yup I'm 60 years old)

-I would content to watch only Disney movies, who needs adult movies!

-i will always have a paper planner because I prefer to write stuff down then to type it into my phone

-i need to be organized

-i love the smell of the rain on pavement on really hot days in the summer

-i travel best with my sister and my brother

-my dogs make me happy

-i would be a completely different person if I didn't have my sister and brother in my life, they are amazing

-i took piano lessons from grade 1 to grade 5, hated it! But now wish I could play

-I hate writing about myself! haha

-i love pens! 

-i HATE cooked carrots! Barf in my mouth

-i love taking pictures

-i look exactly my dad! And I'm much like him! I don't freak out and say I'm turning into my I say OH MY GOD I'M TURNING INTO MY DAD!

-i loved barbies when I was little and paper dolls, I blame this on my Nanny who bought me a new one every time she went to the mall.

-i have green eyes, brown hair, my favorite color is pink, i love leopard print, summer is my favorite time of year, i wish i could live on a beach, i text a lot, i love my family, I love adore my pets, my friends are amazing, my friend's kids are amazing! i love to be crafty, i finally like cooking and baking. I love life.

Thanks for coming to read my facts! I know some are silly and a couple serious but I never know what to write when post like this come up. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Have an amazing day! xoxo


  1. I totally love Barbies and paper dolls too. I had huge paperdoll collection!

    1. That should say "loved" not "love." Although, truthfully, I am still kind of a Barbie girl...

    2. Forever Barbie lovers! My nanny had a book of paper dolls at her house that I played with every time I was there! It was Polly Parton and friends lol!

  2. I love that I knew a lot of these. :)
    I also love that I just learned about your name. That is a really fun fact!!

    1. You my girl Whit! :)
      Yeah I like where my name came from, can't tell my mom loved Rod Stewart at all! LOL

  3. Who among us didn't have a perm back in the day?? I know I did. And people ask me all the time why I use a paper planner instead of my phone, but like you, I've GOT to write stuff down! Pen hoarders unite!! ;)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who had the bad perm! haha
      Sometimes writing stuff down is just more fun! You can use pretty pens!! YES Pen hoarders Unite!!

  4. You have never broken a bone?! I have broken my leg (ankle to hip), and all of my toes at least twice. Haha!

    1. Oh dear that is a lot of broken bones! Nope haven't even broken a toe!


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