Tunes Tuesday!

15 January 2013

Tunes Tuesday!

I haven't had a Tunes Tuesday since before Christmas so I figure it was time to bring it back! Especially since I have two new songs I can't stop listening to! They both have Blake Shelton so you know this girl LOVES them! Blake is probably my most favorite person! haha Anyways he has a new single out called Sure Be Cool If you Did and I love it! His voice is just my favorite! He also did a duet with Miss Xtina called Just a Fool and I haven't stopped listening to it since I downloaded yesterday! Seriously amaze! Check them out!! 


  1. What? No comment on the new J Timbs song?? LOL. Just kidding - I like Blake Shelton's voice.

    1. Haha Nope! I'm not liking it!

      Blake is like my everything! haha


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