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07 January 2013

I'm finally linking up again with the lovely Ashley Paige over at I love you more than Carrots for her Hey! That's Pin-tastic link up! I have been slack with the pinterest doing lately but I'm back on track now and doing much more so I will be able to keep up :) Found a recipe for healthier chocolate muffins (apple sauce and greek yogurt! yummy)!  Hoping to make them this week so you will probably be able to see that here next week. Anyways back to my current job which is homemade stud earrings! I know so fun right! I love stud earrings and now I can make my own! These one are fabric and basically you're making a button and then attaching an earring back. I was even on the ball enough to take some pictures as I went! Sorry the lighting isn't great, my craft room is in the basement so sometimes I can't get it how I want! Hope everyone likes the tutorial!

Here is what you will need: pliers, scissors, fabric, a pen, glue gun, button maker and buttons, earring backs (I got my earring backs and buttons at the local craft store)

Now you're going to want to open your buttons and cut out the size pattern you will need. It tells you so don't worry. You can whatever size button you want.

Then once you have it cut out grab a button front and back to have it out.

Now, trace out the pattern for the fabric and cut it out

Now place your fabric over the button 'maker', as centered as you can get it

Then place a button front on top and press down, until you feel it 'click' into place.

Gather up the fabric and push it into the back of the button and place the back of the button into the button form and again press down until you feel it 'click' into place.

Then you can pop the button out!

It is time to use your muscles now, squeeze the back loop of the button until it breaks so you can remove it

Now that you have a flat surface you can hot glue the post of the earrings down to the back of the button.

And now just repeat for your other earring! You can use whatever fabric you want and whatever size buttons! These are great little earrings! I love them! We made them at our Christmas craft night and I have made a number of them since to add to little gifts! I know I will be making more for myself too :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Pinning!

This will also be posted to Pinspiration Project!


  1. Ok, I'd been wondering how hard these were to make because they are adorable, and even though I'm sure I could do them, I think I'll leave the jewelry making to you guys! I would look like a kid with some macaroni necklace or something you'd make in kindergarten if I attempted this LOL.

    Thank you so much for linking up to The Pinspiration Project :)

    1. Thanks hun! They are super easy and I know you could totally do them! :)


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