Friday's Letters

04 January 2013

Dear 2013, I enjoyed 2012 so I'm really hoping you have some awesomeness planned to make me love you! I would like 2013 to be filled with everything amazing. I have a few things planned for you myself but if you could step in and make some fun surprise happen I would be okay with that! Here's to you 2013!

Dear Grand Slam Curling, I would really like to come in see you in Cape Breton! Please don't be sold out or have totally shitty seats left when I go to buy some tickets!

Dear Mother Nature, I know you have been rather good to us this winter but if you could please not storm so I can get to the curling in Cape Breton in a few weeks that would be amazing! I will be asking for this each week until it is time for the curling!

Dear Team Koe, Please be playing when I come to see some curling! I would be rather sad if I came and you guys didn't have game to play while I was there.

Dear Deena and Gavin, I'm very excited to have coming back to Nova Scotia! I know you're both excited and nervous but it will all work out! You have more love and support then you're going to need. Love you both so much! xo

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Sunday! 


  1. New follower via Friday's Letters. Cute blog!


    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the follow!!


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