Christmas 2012 Wrap Up Finally!

04 January 2013
Yes I know this is rather late but what can you do!? I didn't feel like writing a real post so this post was going to have to wait wasn't it? But here we are and this is my Christmas 2012 wrap up! I had another great holiday season as I always do. Our holidays are filled with family, traditions, food, presents, lights drives and everything in between! 

This year myself, Erica and my friends Danielle and Tiana started an annual Christmas Craft Day and sleepover! Next year it will be including our other lovely Deena! It was a great success! We made lovely ornaments, earrings, mugs, went to dinner, a Christmas lights drive and watched Home Alone! It was great having the girls down, I just love them!

 Christmas lights drives are a must at our house and this is one of my favorite houses! I love how all out they go! I can only imagine how much kids love it!

 Gus and Jagger got new coats for Christmas because they got a nice hair cut! Who wants to be cold in Canada in the Winter!!

Got to have lovely Christmas visit with my little woman Quinn! She was very excited about Christmas! Love my Quinny!

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree! This is our beautiful tree this year! At first I wasn't if this was the tree we should have gotten but it was perfect! This was on Christmas Eve, when my mom's side of the family comes over for a potluck! We have been having this since I can remember and I have to say it is my favorite meal of the year because everyone brings such yummy food! I should have gotten a picture of the table but I forgot because I was preoccupied with Lucas and then being hungry haha

 Cousins! Callee is basically our other sister and I guess Ashdenne should be in the picture too! Closest thing we got to a family shot this year! Oops!

 The tree at night! I sat in the living room a lot this Christmas because just chilling by the tree is one of my favorite things about Christmas!

The siblings! Me, Chase and Erica! Love these two to death! Don't know what I would do without them.

Baby Cousin Lucas! He is just the sweetest kid!

 Christmas Eve! Think we have enough gifts for 5 people?

I guess I didn't upload any pictures from Christmas day which honestly I can't remember if I really took any because no one wants their picture taken when we are opening presents and then I got really lazy. So I must have but they could just be on my phone! Which I got a new iPhone 5 for Christmas! Thanks Santa! haha On Christmas Day myself and Erica also hit up Les Mis which was AMAZING! I loved it even more then I thought I was going too! I really loved the casting, also I have to add if Taylor Swift had of played Eponine she would have ruined the whole movie for me because she doesn't have the chops for Eponine. Please remember this is my opinion.

And of course we had our annual Girls plus Mike Potluck! This is always a fun night of catch up chat, laughs and good food. Lydia was finally able to come after I think about 3 years of not being able to come because of other family get togethers and since she lives in Toronto we don't get to see her that much. Laura was also home from Calgary and Mike from San Fran! Always nice to have everyone (almost)! A Great 7th (I think) Annual Potluck! Love these girls and that boy! xo

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! xo


  1. Looks like a great time! The tree is absolutely gorgeous and omg the sweaters on the pups!

    1. Thanks so much our tree was pretty awesome :) My dogs are omg in their sweaters hahaha

  2. Your dogs are adorable! I also love going to see a ton of Christmas lights!

    1. Thanks so much! I love my doggies! I swear we went on a lights drive like every other night this year haha!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. aww such cute pictures!!! wishing you the best in 2013 love!

  4. We bought Daisy a little jacket last Christmas and she HATES it. She won't walk at all when we put it on her. I'd love to buy her cute little outfits but I'm thinking it would be a waste...

    Glad you had a great holiday! All the best this year. :-)

    PS: Um, I absolutely LOVE the white lace top you had on in a couple of those pictures!

    1. Gus and Jagger only wore their once! LOL They now don't like them! They look damn cute in them though!

      I got that top at H&M in London! It is like my favorite top ever! Next time in I'm Halifax we should hit up H&M :)

  5. I'm so in love with the pups. Super cute!


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