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10 January 2013
Hello My Lovelies! I was at a loss for what to blog about today so I decided to give you a little look see at what I bought at MAC, Sephora and Lush over the weekend! I'm not a vlog lady maybe some day but not today since I'm sick with a stupid head cold! Booooo!! This cough is already driving me crazy! But anyways back to the shopping! I had a gift card for MAC from my parents so I decided I may as well get some things I needed and pick up some new lipstick! Which honestly before like July I hardly wore because I didn't overly like wearing it but now I love it! Hope you like this post since it is really the first post I have done like this! What are your favorite beauty products? 

Also highlight of the day: Girl working at MAC said I have the best eyes and sorry if she was staring! The eye make up was good that day! You walk a little taller when you get make up compliments at a make up store!

This is MAC's blotting powder in Medium dark, best powder for reapplying and not looking like you did! 

Bronzing powder in Golden! My favorite! Perfect for when I'm tan and when I'm not! I love that this one doesn't have a sparkle/shimmer to it. 

Lip Glass in Underage: My go to neutral color for my lips, I honestly have been buying this for years!!
The lipstick is from there new Collection Strength and this one is Strong Woman, I love it! Nice and dramatic but not overpowering, I would wear this all day. For a deeper color, you could add the lip liner to it. 

Only got this at Sephora and boy do I love it!! I just wanted a rollerball perfume to keep in my bag so I stopped into Sephora to check theirs out and oh man this scent by Jennifer Aniston is amazing! Just a fresh, slightly floral, a tad hint of musk, truly an easy wearable scent. 

And I just picked up a couple of bath bombs from Lush. Twilight, Ickle Baby Bot and Big Blue. Love how soft and lovely your skin feels after a Lush bath. 

Alright ladies, hope you enjoyed seeing my products. See you tomorrow for some Friday letters! 


  1. Will have to try the bronzer!

  2. great picks! love the lipstick from mac! I am trying so hard not to buy lip products I keep buying them and not using any of them up! oops!

    1. Feel free to send it my way ;) I have already worn this lipstick twice and only bought it Saturday! haha

  3. I need to mix up my beauty routine... I do the same things everyday and it's boring.

    1. Watch some YouTube videos! I have really learned about from them :)


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