I'm Brittany and I have a YouTube Addiction!

29 January 2013
You read that right! I have become a YouTube addict! Before I watched the odd youtube clip that everyone thought was funny but now I will spend up to an hour at a time just watching video after video! This is all because of the Vloggers I have found! They are awesome! They make great videos and I just get so drawn in because they all have been vlogging for awhile so I had a lot to catch up on!! I mainly have been watching a lot of beauty vlogs. I have been loving these because I have been actually learning stuff! I now know way more about doing my eye make up! I use more of the products I own because I know how to use them better! 
Is anyone else addicted to these videos!? If you are not I suggest staying away from the YouTube but if you are here are some of my favorite YouTubers to watch! :)

Talia Joy - Taliajoy18
This is one amazing little girl! She is just a cutie and is so positive! She has been through so much in her life, battling cancer at such a young age is something I can't even imagine. Her skills with make up are insane! I think I could practice for hours and not be able to do what she does! Check her out for sure because she is just amazing!

Emily Noel - emilynoel83
She is like my beauty vlogger god! She knows pretty much all there is know about make up! She great informative videos, telling you what are good and bad products. She also gives you high end and drug store equals because we all know we can't afford everything high end and really some of the high end stuff isn't even worth it! I also have to give her husband props for being such a good sport in her videos! Her cat Cupcake is pretty cute too!

Zoe -Zoella280390
This girl cracks me up! Her videos are great, I started watching her because I loved her lipstick and now I watch her because she has some of the best videos on YouTube. Her and best friend Louise are quite honestly the funniest girls! I think they would be a blast to hang out with! I swear if I was still in England I would have looked them up by now because I would need to be friends with them!

Louise - Sprinkle of Glitter
This is Zoe's best friend and I love her for all the same reasons I love Zoe. Their trips to London make me miss London and wish I had of moved elsewhere in England but can't regret that stuff now. Check her out and her baby is adorable!!!

Justine - iJustine

I have actually been watching Justine since she was on JustinTV. I love her videos because they are normally pretty darn funny! She is a real girl and like watching her grocery shopping videos. I know I'm a tad crazy leave me alone!

So, there you have my some of my favorites! Don't blame me when you realize you have been sitting watching YouTube videos for days! These YouTubers are awesome so blame them for being so damn addicting! Okay, time to go and watch another video!

See Ya tomorrow lovies!


  1. I usually don't spend much time on youtube. I can't decide whether I should start now or stay away so I don't end up with another addiction...

    1. Stay away! Well unless you want to learn more something! I have to say I have learned quite a lot about make up and I thought I had known what I needed to know sadly I was wrong! I like having new stuff to try now because I hate getting in a make up rut!


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