Sunday Social

23 December 2012

Another Sunday means another Sunday Social! 

1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry! I know it is kinda boring but I LOVE it!

2. What is your favorite smell?
Pine trees! Freshly cut grass, pavement after it rains when it was been really hot

3. What is your favorite TV commercial? (Past or present)
Hmmm I'm really not a commercial girl but I love the one right now where the kid Sam has moved to a new house and he is trying to make sure Santa knows where he lives now, it is a Canadian Tire commercial I think

4. What is your favorite day of the week?
I love Friday, it is last work day and then you have your weekend to do what you want to do and you can just relax come Friday night!

5. What is your favorite way to waste time?
Probably going on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

6. What is your favorite article of clothing?
Hmmm that is a good question I'm not sure I can arrow it down! I love all my Michael Kors and I have a lace shirt from Forever 21 that I LOVE so we will go with that! haha

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas now and if not that you dont' have much left! I plan on trying to post something tomorrow but I'm not sure yet! If I have gotten something ready in advance I will so we will see and of course I will probably take a few days after Christmas for a break! So MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


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