It's Okay Thursday

20 December 2012

Today, I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for It's Okay Thursday! We are getting so close to Christmas now! I love it, I love everything about Christmas! The family time, food, drinks, friends, presents (giving and getting), decorations, EVERYTHING! Christmas has been and I think will always be a special time of year for my family. We all have fond memories and love the whole season. When you're young you love the day and luckily once you get older you can love the whole season and enjoy everything everything leading up to the day and even the after. Who doesn't love relaxing on Boxing Day or the day after!? One of my favorite times for relaxing on the couch! I hope you're all ready for Christmas holidays! If you have more to do I hope you get it done quickly and enjoy everything you can :) Now onto the link up!

It's okay.....

-that I'm totally not stressing over anything about Christmas because I'm totes ahead of the game this year on most stuff
-that I haven't made my peppermint patties yet
-that I laid around in bed late!
-that I'm spending the afternoon with my little woman Quinn! 
-that my heart is still filled with sadness about those sweet little babies
-that I'm totally ahead on blogs posts! Got drafts for days!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


  1. Hey there, popping in from the link up!
    ROCK ON for being ahead of the Christmas game. I was shocked to find that I'd checked everything off my Christmas to-do list almost a week ahead of time. Of course there will be plenty of cookie baking through the new year!

    Glad I stopped by!

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for dropping by! Isn't great when you checking off things on the list and 20 new things aren't being added! I'm so excited for Christmas because I'm ahead of the game! Not that I'm not always super excited! Plenty of time for baking :)

      Again thanks for dropping in!


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