Taste of Tuesday with Jessica and Ashley and Tuesday Tunes!

05 November 2013

On Sunday I was looking through Pinterest trying to figure out a couple of things to make for dinner this week. I have been wanted to make butternut squash soup for awhile now and I finally found an easy slow cooker recipe. Well, sometimes recipes are too easy. I won't say this recipe was a fail but I will say I won't be using this recipe again. It is an easy recipe but there isn't enough to it! Honestly, all that is in it is onions, butternut squash, a couple of spices, bouillion cubes, water and cream cheese! I also only used half the amount of cream cheese you were suppose to use because if I had of used all of it, the only flavor you would have gotten was cream cheese! I even added more spices just to try and make it less bland. Yes, it was eaten but it isn't something I will make again. I'm looking for another recipe for butternut squash soup so if you have one please send it my way! I really enjoy ones that are made in the slow cooker but doesn't have to be. It looked and smelled really good but just didn't have the right flavor!! If you really want the recipe you can find it here.

I haven't done a Tuesday Tunes in so long! But I decided since I only had basically a Pinterest fail for you today I should throw something else in! Today, I'm giving you one of my favorite artists on the Voice this season. I'm so happy he is on Team Blake now! I'm talking about Cole Vosbury! Last week he did Let Her Go by Passenger and I could listen to that song all day every day! It is a great song and when Cole sings it, it is magical! I hope you all like it as much as I do!


  1. I've made plenty of recipes that I will never make again, ha! Thanks to all those disasters I think (or at least Joey tells me) that I've become a better cook. :)

  2. The soup sounds yummy! Perfect for cooler temperatures!

  3. Definitely post it if you find a better butternut squash soup recipe.. I want to try!

  4. I like to do soups on the stovetop more than the crockpot - I think it's easier to build flavors.


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