This and That!

26 November 2013
Feels like I have been gone forever! I have been super busy the last week or so and I just didn't have the energy to blog at the end of the day. I'm not sure I will be blogging regularly again until December. So, if I'm not around for the next little bit don't fret because I will be back and I have lots of fun stuff planned for December. 

This post is kind of a ramble blog because I don't have a lot to tell forever right now. I do have a lovely working Keurig again! This pleases me muchly! I have a LARGE coffee sitting beside me right now! I also have Christmas music playing, fireplace channel on and a chicken roasting in the oven. How domestic am I today? It is rainy and cold here today and I don't like it. Oh if you follow on Twitter you know I kind of fan girled earlier today because Ben Brown from YouTube favorited one of my tweets to him. You should go and search on You Tube. He daily vlogs and is just super chill. He is good friends with Louis Cole who also is awesome and daily vlogs. Louis is off to Australia and Ben is going to Cape Town which is awesome for them but I will miss watching them hanging out together. Anyways, go and check them out!

This past weekend I went and saw Catching Fire!! I won't say too much because I'm sure some of you haven't seen it yet and I wouldn't want to spoil anything. It was awesome! So much better than the first one and I quite liked the first one. And lets for just one minute talk about how hot Lenny Kravitz is! He also just seems so darn cool without even trying! Yup, I heart him! I already have plans to see Catching Fire again this weekend when I go to Halifax because my brother hasn't seen it yet. 

Well, my lovelies I'm going to wrap it up here because my stomach is yelling at me as it is after 2:30 and I haven't had lunch yet. Hope you're all having a great week!



  1. ramble posts are fun to do sometimes! I have to watch that movie! I'm behind! haha

  2. We are planning on seeing Catching Fire this weekend! I can't wait!!

    I hear you about not having energy to blog at the end of the day. It's really hard to want to do anything productive when I get home from work. :-p


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