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18 November 2013
Another weekend over and another Monday here! This weekend seem to fly by! I hope everyone is having a nice Monday. I can't believe November is half over already! This year is flying by honestly! Before we know it Christmas will be here and then it will be 2014! 

This weekend was a good one. It was pretty relaxing and productive! I think those are some of the best weekends to have really. On Saturday I had lunch out with Erica and did some errands and then came home to get out some more Christmas decorations. I have been slowing bringing everything out since Thursday because I have been cleaning as I was going too because I can't not clean before I decorate! Everything is looking really good. Got most of the trees up and now they just have to be fluffed and decorated. I also watched some curling last night and decided to bake cookies at 10pm lol It was a good Saturday.

Sunday was much the same! More decorating and more curling. It is the Canadian Open of Curling and it is a big event and there was almost no one there! Makes me mad since I would have loved to have been there but it was basically across the country from me. The last curling event I watched too there was basically no one there! I think they should have more events out here in east because it would be packed if they were out here instead of out west. Maybe next season they will have more out here. I love watching curling because they some of the only players who get to be super friendly with each other. It can be the finals and they are often still laughing and joking with each other. If you ever want to check of some teams my favorites are Team Kevin Martin and Team Kevin Koe. Also, check out John Morris because he is super hot hahaha. And in case you're wondering my team Koe won the Canadian Open!! YAY!

John Morris, firefighter, Olympic Gold Medalist, good looking! ;)

I also got all registered for Crop and Create! I'm already excited! I signed up for a class with Vicki Boutin who does amazing projects! It is great weekend in general because of all the scrapbooking I get done and it is just so much fun! This past March was the first year I went and man I was missing out! Erica and myself are going again and we can't wait! And it will be here before we know it! I will actually probably start making page kits in January! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and you have a great week ahead of you :) See you all tomorrow for Taste of Tuesday!


  1. I am just like you…slowly bringing Christmas decor out. I want it all up because it makes me so happy but at the same time it is time consuming! My tree is my next endeavor. I cannot believe how fast this year is going! It is definitely flying by.

  2. oh i haven't even thought about decorating, i need to get on that!!

  3. I want to start decorating, but my house needs a major cleaning first. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done on my day off this week and then I'll start decorating this weekend. :-)


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