Beauty Wednesday: Washing Your Make Up Brushes!!

06 November 2013
Okay ladies, I know this has been addressed on blogs before but I decided to throw it up here too because still too many of us are not washing our make up brushes! It is not a hard task and seriously you need to clean your brushes! Sometimes I hear people complaining about breaking out randomly and I have to ask when is the last time you cleaned the brushes you use on your face most of the week? Oh never you say! Well maybe that is why your face is having an acne attack! But really we clean our clothes, our body, our face, clean the brushes!

Now, I know some of you are saying Brittany I will not buy brush cleaner because it costs too much! And amen to that but you don't have to! My secret cleaner though not really a secret is baby shampoo! You can use any mild cleaner it can even be dish soap! This means you don't have anymore excuses! It will only take you a few minutes too! I have quite a few brushes and it only takes me maybe 10 minutes to clean mine. So, just take a few minutes on a day maybe you're not going to be wearing any make up or do it after you have put on your make up for the day and clean your brushes!

Yuck! Dirty Brushes!!

Super Cleaner!

Wet your brush! Always keep your brush facing down so water can't get up into the handle and loosen the bristles.

Swoosh the brush around in the palm of your hand with some baby shampoo.

Rinse until the water is clear and repeat until your brushes are done!
I lay mine flat to dry. When they basically dry I just place them back in their holder. 

YAY! Fresh and clean brushes!

I would suggest cleaning your brushes once a month or every other month if you're not gonna do it every month! I normally wash mine every 3 weeks since I do normally wear some make up everyday. The more you use them the more you should clean them and take care of them because if you do they will last longer. 

Hope you're going to go and clean your brushes now!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I'm so bad with cleaning my brushes, I definitely should do it more often!


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