Rivals Recap!

01 August 2013

Okay, this Rivals is getting on my nerves because it is kinda boring so far! Yes, there have been fights and some people have left but man it is the same every week! And now it is like I'm watching old seasons!

This week Diem is all insecure because she doesn't have her long hair anymore since it just growing back from her second bout of cancer. This girl is awesome for beating cancer twice! Now, that doesn't make her not drive me crazy! She is also acting like the crazy ex girlfriend! If you don't like CT anymore then actually stop caring! These two are so annoying if you like each other please just hook up and stop pretending like you don't care. This is more for Diem than CT because you can tell he cares and doesn't really care if people know because he wants Diem to feel okay with herself again. He did this for her back on whatever season she did after her first time having cancer. She knows CT can make her feel better but she has said she doesn't want to that girl that needs a man to make her feel good and she wants to do it by herself...honey having someone there for you doesn't make you less of person. They are going to have the same issues every season they are on but really they both should be stopping soon because they are getting a tad old especially CT.

Anyways, back to the show! For the challenge this week they had to get a HUGE pole through a crazy maze! It was timed (duh) winners were Emily and Paula for the girls (that is four in a row for them!) Marlon and Jordan for the guys. It was a girls' elimination! Jasmine and Theresa had the worst time for the girls so they were sent directly into the jungle. Cooke and Cara Maria were voted in by the boys. When everyone got to the jungle it was set up like they were going to electrocute everyone! TJ said they hoped everyone would be okay and pick your team mate who would go first. The girls were having mild panic attacks but they talked and picked who would go first. Then of course TJ said No one is going to do this tonight and no one is going home. They went back to the house. Some of the girls were pissed because they really wanted Cooke and Cara Maria gone because Cooke went and tried to get Arissa and Diem voted into the jungle. This of course pissed Diem off because she thinks because she a vet she shouldn't have to go into the jungle. This drives me nuts! Just because you have done this so many times before it doesn't make you Queen/King of the show it makes you kinda look like a loser! And a sore one at that!! Grow up! Also, Diem if you got voted in you should mad at the guys for voting you in not Cooke for trying to save herself! If you're that good of a friend to these boys they should just want to save you!

Well that is enough for today! Hope you're all having a great week! 

One last things for today! It is Whitney's 26th birthday today! Happy Birthday Whit! Hope you have a wonderful! Head on over to I Wore Yoga Pants to Work and send Whitney some birthday love! xoxo


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