Weekend Update!

26 August 2013
Can we for one second talk about the fact this is the last Monday in August!? When did this happen? Where did this month go!? Honestly, it feels like last week I was getting ready for Jubilee and Danielle & Anthony's wedding! And I'm more sad that means summer is almost over! Summer is my favorite so I'm kinda bummed but that just means Christmas is around the corner and we all know how much I love Christmas!!

Okay, so this weekend wasn't eventful at all! I have to say I didn't mind because most weekend this summer have been jammed packed! On Friday, I went and got my brow did! Man, is there anything better than having your brows freshly done!? I love it! Then I had a little play date with my friend Danielle and her little one Quinn! I could eat Quinn up she is so freaking cute! On Friday night I ended up going to dinner with my parents and my aunt Bev and uncle Bill at Hebels'. It was lovely! The meal was fantastic as always! It was also nice to have a meal with my uncle and aunt because we haven't been able to do it much this summer. Saturday I was totally boring! I stayed in bed until late morning watching Criminal Minds and then Good Luck Charlie! Yup, that is what you get when you're almost 30 and still like the Disney channel haha Then I cleaned the house and laundry for most of the day. I also got caught up on my Real Housewives of the OC! We are finally starting the reunion episodes this week I think! I can't wait! Sunday, total lazy around the house kind of day because I finished what I needed to do on Saturday! 

So, that right there in a nutshell was my weekend! Hope you all had a nice weekend too :)


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