A Nice day for a WIGHT Wedding! Weekend Update (Picture HEAVY)

05 August 2013

Hey Everyone! Happy Natal Day to anyone who is celebrating it! Sorry this post is coming a tad late but I have been trying to be productive while trying to recover from the weekend! Yes, that is right I'm not 20 anymore so trying to be a weekend warrior really isn't my thing! But it was a great weekend so I won't be complaining. 

This weekend was a the big annual Jubilee Music Festival here and on top of that I had a wedding in Halifax on Saturday! Busy times! On Friday, I headed out to dinner at Salt Water Cafe with Erica and Johnny for a bite and a drink before heading back to ours for some drinks and then heading down to the Jubilee. Johnny bought a new Smirnoff Ice by accident as he thought it was a new beer so I ended up drinking it and I really liked it! It was fruit punch flavored! Very yummy! We headed down to the Jubilee around 9:15 to catch the end of Gloryhounds and to see Sheepdogs. Fun fact about the Sheepdogs they were the first unsigned band to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine! Both bands were really good and I'm glad I got to see them. We didn't stay for most of Alert the Medic because we had to get up early to get wedding ready and then head off to Halifax!

It was funny because we picked up food on the way out of town for lunch and we actually took towels to use as bibs so we didn't get anything on our dresses because we were going straight to the ceremony when we got to the city! The ceremony was lovely and everyone looked amazing. Danielle the bride was stunning! Her dressed matched her personality perfectly! I don't think she could have found a better dress for herself. Anthony the groom looked great in his grey suit too!

Once the ceremony was over we headed to our hotel because we had some time between the ceremony and cocktail hour. We actually stopped at Wheaton's to try and find Erica a lamp but that turned out to be a bust! We stayed at the Westin because it was really close to Pier 21 where they were having the reception. Cocktail hour was very nice and everyone got 2 drink tickets when they came in (thumbs up). Since it was nice out and kinda warm I won't lie it was great that there was AC in the venue because no one likes to sweaty all night! Once cocktail hour was over we headed into the other half of the space to have dinner and get the speeches under way! Dinner was very good! We started with a mixed greens salad with pear, walnut and feta...HOLY YUMMY! Then I had the beef tenderloin and boy was that tasty! Erica had the chicken and she said it was really good too. Both were served with veggies and potatoes. Dessert also very good! Chocolate tart or a cream pastry. The speeches were great and luckily no one took eight years to get theirs out. And I only cried once! It was for the Maid of Honor speech because I know I will be the same when I have to do one for Erica. Monique who is Danielle's older sister did a great job making me cry! They had cupcakes for the cake and they were yummy of course too! Both Danielle and Anthony are very into music so our favors were vinyl records and guitar picks! Love them! Also, because they are music fans they had the BEST playlist for the night! All the songs you wanted to dance too and just have a great time! Best ones of course were the Backstreet Boys ones because well me and Danielle know each other because of Backstreet boys! I honestly could go on and on and on about the wedding because it was one amazing night but I will tie it up here and just give you some pictures :)

Just going to add one thing: Love you Danielle and Anthony!

Okay almost done now! On Sunday we got up and I swear I was almost dead because I was so tired! Two night in a row of partying was catching up to me! This is almost 30 not 20! lol I had a headache too LOL But, we got ready, checked out and headed to the Farmer's Market for some browsing before we headed to the mall to find that lamp we didn't find at Wheaton's! Shopping Sunday was a much better day because we found a lamp and rug! Success! Anyways, it was a great time in Halifax but it was time to head home because we had one more night of Jubilee to hit up! When we got home I went for a nap lol but ended up not being able to sleep. Around 8:30 we started to round everything up and left around 9 so we didn't miss any of Great Big Sea well when we got there the line to get in was MASSIVE!! We ended up missing the first 3 songs before we got in but we did have a good time! It is funny that they could get people beer faster than they could get us in the venue! haha Great Big were great as always and I hope we get them back again because they sold out the night! First time it has happened :)

It was a great weekend! I'm still tired so time to get this finished so I can soon go to bed! Hope you all had a great weekend too!



  1. Love your dress for the wedding!

  2. Love the dress girl! Looks like a super fun weekend. Have a great week, too! xo


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