Taste of Tuesday!

13 August 2013
Happy Tuesday my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Before I start this post I just want to say welcome to my new friends on my side bar! If you're feeling friendly go and check them out after you have read this post! 

This week I'm again linking up with Ashley and Jessica for a Taste of Tuesday! Sorry but this week I don't have recipe for you but I have a review of a lovely meal I had on Friday!

If you have read my weekend update post you know I was in Halifax on Friday and had dinner at Montana's. I have been to Montana's 3 times in my life including Friday. If you know me you know I love BBQ everything! One would think I would eat at a place like Montana's more but back in the day I heard bad reviews when it was opening up in Halifax so I just never went there. This past March when I was coming home from Crop and Create we decided to eat there and boy was I missing out! I got brisket the first two times I was there and it was amazing. I know it probably better at other places but I was pleasantly surprised with how good everything was. This time when we were there I decided I needed to branch out and get something other than brisket because well it was just time to try something else and I didn't really want the brisket sandwich. I ended up ordering the Portabello Mushroom Sirloin. This was probably the best decision I had made all day!I often find my steak over or under done which makes me kinda mad because you asked how I wanted it so please cook it that way! Also, a family friend has his own restaurant and probably cooks the best steak in the world so I'm kind of a steak snob now! But, I was super excited when my steak was done perfectly, my baked potato was great and they have great coleslaw! Okay, I'm making myself hungry now and dinner isn't for a few more hours! Also, their steak sauce could make just about anything taste good! Beyond having a good meal, I find we always have good service at Montana's, yes sometimes it can be a tad slow but never bad. The waitresses we have had are always very friendly and helpful! We know that even when a place has good food if the service is not good you don't want to go back. I'm giving Montana's two thumbs up! Have you been to Montana's? What is your favorite thing to order?


  1. Okay..now I'm hungry!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

    1. I know right! Totally made myself hungry and I'm having salad tonight for dinner not really the same haha


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