29 May 2012
Tunes Tuesday

Yes it is that time again for Tunes Tuesday but this week it is going to a little different as I have a tad more to say about the group I'm featuring and I'm probably not introducing this musical group to anyone! I'm talking about Il Divo, yes the pop opera group! I had the pleasure of seeing them for the 3rd time last Thursday and I have to say they just get better every time I see them perform. The group is made of up 4 amazingly talented men from America and Europe, also not so hard on the eyes ladies :) They have to be four of the best singers in the world. David and Carlos are pure magic when they sing! The four of them together honestly give me goosebumps every song they sing! Not only are amazing singers but they are real showmen, they know how to work the crowd, make a joke and just make sure everyone is having a great time watching and listening to them. I know pop/opera is not for everyone but really it is worth a listen to just hear the power of their voices. I hope that wasn't my last time seeing them! Hopefully next time will be in England!

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