23 May 2012

The other day I was on Pearls Handcuffs and Happy Hour and found a recipe that looked delightful! I figured it had to be because I have tried a few others from this blog and they were DELISH! I wanted to make it earlier in the week like Sunday or Monday but it was Victoria Day weekend meaning you need to BBQ and be outside! So pasta wasn’t in the cards unless it was a cold pasta salad! But back to the recipe I found! It is called Spicy Chicken Rigatoni! Red pepper flakes, sauce, chicken and bam you have this fantastic dinner! Well there are a couple more things but you get my drift of this being super simple and super yummy! Here is the finished product with some cheese sprinkled on top! Sorry only a phone picture forgot my camera upstairs and decided I was too lazy to go and get it! If you’re craving some pasta I really suggest you whip this up J

PS I'm going to see Il Divo tomorrow and I'm leaving right after work so I don't know if we will have a post tomorrow but will have another for ya on Friday :)

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