28 May 2012

I honestly find the best recipes on Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour! I browsing around that blog again and found a recipe for Crispy Southwestern Chicken Wraps! Who doesn’t love a good wrap? This one was so good and a perfect dinner wrap with a nice side of salad! Sometimes wraps just don’t have enough in them to be dinner wraps but this one has more then enough!

This wrap has chicken, rice, beans (if you want them, we didn’t so I felt them out!) spices, cilantro, peppers, cheese etc! I can tell your mouth is starting to water now and I don’t blame it! The flavor of this wrap is so yummy! I ended up not having chili powder so I used red pepper and paprika instead which turned out fine! Here is the finished product! Yummy Yummy!

Now for dessert I made deep-dish mini fruit pizzas and man they were so tasty! And they were also super easy! Pillsbury dough, cool whip, cream cheese and berries and bam you have a delicious pretty dessert and would be a perfect dessert appetizer at almost any event as they are basically bite size! Please don’t drool on your keyboard when viewing the upcoming picture! J  

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