04 June 2012

Monday Monday...Sorry there was no Sunday Funday this week but I was very busy and my internet decided it didn't want to work last night so what can ya do! On with the show today :)

So I’m at the age where my friends are getting married and having babies! It is kind of a scary age because you feel as if you should be at a certain place in your life when these things are starting to happen but whatever I’m not here to talk about real adulthood! I’m here to talk about my new obsession with baby clothes!

Yes baby clothes! I have always thought they were adorable because really how could you not!? But now since I have friends with babies I can buy the stuff and let me tell you it is addicting! Now, instead of just browsing around for clothes and things for me I find myself heading to the baby section or worse the children’s stores! I have to remind myself that a baby can only wear so many outfits before they will be into a new size and that most adorable little outfit is longer needed! I have been much better lately because I have been saving for my move, can’t drop 20-40 bucks each time I find some cute babies clothes anymore, well I could but I won’t be able to do anything once I move!

I hear I’m not the only once who has experienced this which makes me happy but I’m worried if I’m like this with my friends kids what am I going to be like with my own!? Not to worry about that now since there is NO plans for that anytime soon!

PS I will talk about my move soon! Big plans ahead!

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