30 January 2012

Okay I really have no excuse this time for only posting once last week but I have plans for this week and I have already done enough I can say for sure I will be posting more than once this week! Yesterday was my day to cook dinner, I have no idea when it became Brittany cook day = Sunday but I really don’t mind it makes for a productive day with a yummy finish! Bonus when you cook you don’t have to clean up!

This Sunday I decided to make Loaded Chicken and Potato Skillet! This is another recipe coming from the blog Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour. She honestly has some of the best recipes I have ever come across! And the best part she doesn’t add any fancy cooking language! Just give it to me straight and that is what she does! For those who cook and bake well, the fancy language just comes naturally to them and they do not even realize half the time they are reading the fanciness! My mother and sister both claim if you can read you can cook! Yes, if you can read you should be able to cook but there are often hiccups on your road to being a cook or baker! This makes it hard for those of us who ruin many recipes! Come on lets face it if you ruin a bunch of recipes you’re gonna declare yourself a non-cook/baker! I was this person! One of the first recipes I made when trying to make myself into a domestic lady came from Cara’s blog and she just seemed to make everything sound even more simple then it was! I have to say thank you to Cara because her easy recipes have created this novice cook and baker! But back to Sunday dinner! You know my favorite word is coming! This is a super easy and relatively quick meal! Everything is made in the one skillet (minus the boiling of the potatoes and cooking of the bacon) so there isn’t a lot of mess to clean up! Which luckily I didn’t have to deal with! You start with your potatoes and bacon and cook them up! Then you cook your chicken in your skillet before removing it and setting it aside for later when you add it back in. Then it is time for your veggies to be added into the same skillet your chicken was cooked in, then back in with the chicken, add your bacon and cheese then cover until cheese is melted and here is what you get!

Super yummy! We added sour cream on the top and it was really good! Mom added ketchup and she said that was really good too! Yup super yummy!

I also wanted to have a little dessert for us so I made a chocolate cake from scratch basically to see if I could make one and have it taste good and what do you know I can do it! My cake was amazingly moist and tasty! I didn’t overly care for the frosting I made for it but the rest of the family loved it! Another awesome success in the kitchen!

I have more plans for the week so expect something from me again soon!

Hope you like my new layout too J


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