15 January 2012

On Thursday I went to try and get my flu shot again because the first time I had an ear and throat infection (side note I HATE needles). Well, I thought I just had water in my ear which was making it just a tad sore but since I was going to the doctor I was going to get him to check it out! Guess who has another ear infection? You got it ME! Honestly, I have had 3 ear infections since the end of August and I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I hardly had any in the past few years! Boo so anyways I didn’t get my flu shot again!

Friday, I woke up and my ear was super sore so I was happy I had my antibiotics to take (finally so much better today)!  I was planning on making Chicken Noodle Soup in the crock -pot and since it was just my ear sore I decided to get up and do it! Cooked my chicken, chopped up all my veggies and then threw in all the goodness into my crock pot and went to lay down for bit since my chicken needed to cool before I pulled it all part and the soup was going to be 5 hours before I needed to add the chicken and noodles. Three hours into the cooking process the house smelled great! Amazing how some veggies and chicken broth can smell so good! Finally it was time to add the noodles and chicken and I totes added more then they called for but you really can’t have too many noodles or chicken in chicken noodle soup! One more hour and bam this is what I had! It was super tasty and really hearty!

This is a soup that is more a dinner soup then lunch unless you’re looking for your main meal of the day to be lunch. Another success in the kitchen for me!

Later that evening I decided to make Apple Dip and Cinnamon Sugar Chips! This recipe is quick and very delish! It is like apple pie without having to make apple pie! And the last time I tried making apple pie it didn’t turn out so well! This is simple and tasty treat for a lazy afternoon, which is when we had it (the second batch)!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I did!

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